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Roadmap to Success. Building Shareholder Value.
We offer a range of strategic planning services with the focus and objective to build corporate value. We do this by first taking the time to deeply understand the relevant strategic and business factors that shape your company, and then by implementing our value creation framework. Chartworth takes on the role, assists, or takes the perspective of executive management (Board of Directors, CEO, COO or CFO) in dealing with strategic or high-level tactical actions focused on improving overall business value.

• Strategy & Growth
• Performance Mgmt
• Shareholder Value
• Organization    Design &    incentives
• Financial Analysis
• Valuation
• M&A/JV/ Capital    Raise
• Post-Merger    integration
• System Planning    and Selection
• Transition   Management
• Value-Based   Management
• Planning/    Budgeting
• Dashboard
• Compensation
• Shareholder Value    Metrics

Services include:

  • Strategy and market planning
  • Organizational and planning process design
  • Business / management reporting and measurement
  • Shareholder Value Analysis
  • Addressing an underperforming stock price
  • Financial analysis and modeling
  • Customer / Product Line profitability analysis
  • Systems evaluation, selection and planning
  • Transition (Change) management
  • Management incentives and compensation.
  • Broad in scope, with impact across a significant portion of, if not the entire corporation
  • Strategic or tactical in nature, involves longer-term issues, actions, and decision making
  • Involves top management perspectives, from the Board of Directors through executive leadership
  • Requires customized approaches, with value defined by the results, not the process to the results
  • Requires high-level skills and experience
  • Generally cross-functional or departmental in scope, and may require coordinating other service lines
  • Involves the facilitation of organizational transition and change, such as setting the stage for, or supporting the implementation of large-scale initiatives (e.g., ERP or Value Creation Framework implementation).

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